The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIIP) Brings Productions To The Lone Star State

Everything is Bigger in Texas

The cliché says that “Everything this bigger in Texas” The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIIP) is living proof that the Lone Star State wants to help grow its film and TV production industry. Designed to build the economy through the moving image industry and create jobs in Texas, the TMIIIP provides qualifying film, television, commercial, visual effects and video game productions the opportunity to receive a cash grant based on a percentage of a project’s eligible Texas expenditures (these include eligible wages paid to Texas residents.)
Likes most state film incentive programs, the amount of the grants vary by budget levels and types of productions, and are issued after an audited review of the project’s Texas expenditures. That said, film and television projects, commercials, video games, reality shows and even visual effects studios are eligible for incentives of some kind.

Big State, Big Film Tax Incentives

Not only is the program name Bigger than most state’s film incentives programs, the incentives themselves are pretty large as well.

Incentives for Film and Television Productions: 5%-20%

Note: Texas spending can include eligible pre-production, production and post-production expenditures. Reality TV programs fall under a separate guideline. Several types of projects are eligible:
• Feature Films
• Documentaries
• Episodic Television Series
• Television Episodes
• Television Movies
• Miniseries
• Interstitial Television Programming
• Nationally Syndicated Talk Show

Production Incentives for Commercials: 5% – 10%

Note: Qualified spending in Texas can include eligible pre-production, production and post-production expenditures. Projects that are eligible include:
• National Commercials
• Regional Commercials
• Series of Commercials
• Infomercials
• Interstitial Advertising
• Music Videos
• Educational Videos
• Instructional Videos

Production Incentives for Video Games: 5% – 20%

Note: There is no cap on the incentive amount. Eligible projects include:
• Computer
• Mobile Electronic Device
• Browser or Web Based Console
• Console Handheld Console
• Stand-Alone Arcade

Incentives for Visual Effects Projects: 5% – 20%

Note: Incentive rates are based on the type of project and projects must adhere to required threshold qualifications. The qualified Texas spending can include eligible pre-production, production and post-production expenditures. Eligible projects include:
• VFX Projects completed for Feature Films
• VFX Projects completed for Television
• VFX Projects completed for Commercials

Production Incentives of Reality TV Programs: 5% – 10%

Note: Eligible Texas spending can include pre-production, production and post-production expenditures. Reality programs are defined differently that standard TV programs: These include:
• Nationally Syndicated Reality Series
• Nationally Syndicated Talk Shows
• Nationally Syndicated Contest or Game Shows

Learn More about the Production Incentives in Texas.

In addition to the elements listed above, there are several other incentives available for productions in Texas. You can get more detail here. The team at KPM Film advisors can help you determine if your next projects is a good fit for Texas. Call or email one of our TX specialists at 781-849-5357 for more information.

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