Reap The Benefits From The Louisiana State Film Tax Credit Incentive

Reap the Benefits from the Louisiana State Film Tax Credit Incentive

The state of Louisiana offers Tax Credits to Motion Picture productions in the form of a 30% transferable tax credit.  Louisiana also offers an additional 5% tax credit for productions that employ in-state labor. These tax credits apply to motion pictures, TV, Animated films, Documentaries, Commercials, and digitally distributed motion pictures.

The Louisiana Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit also offers the ability to refund and transfer up to 30% of a production’s tax credit on in-state expenditures and the ability to transfer credits back to the state of Louisiana for 85% of face value. This incentive program also provides the luxury of having no cap and requires a minimum of $300,000 in spending.

Eligible productions expenses in the incentive program include (but are not limited to) rentals and purchases of goods in Louisiana, camera rentals, hotels, catering services, building materials, salaries for services completed in Louisiana, and producer fees. The comprehensive list also includes incentives for post-production expenses incurred in Louisiana such as editing services, film processing, visual FX packages, and more.

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