Texas Creates Additional Film Incentive For Underutilized & Economically Distressed Areas

In addition to some of the already generous tax incentive programs in the state of Texas, the Texas Film Commission has created the Underutilized & Economically Distressed Areas Incentive for projects that complete at least 25% of their total shooting days in an underutilized or economically distressed area of Texas. This incentive provides for an additional 2.5% added to their existing incentive payment from the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIIP) above the base rate for which the project qualifies!

Production Incentives for Underutilized Areas in Texas

The program defines an underutilized area of Texas as a metropolitan area that receives less than 15% of total film and television production in the state during a fiscal year.
Underutilized areas include Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, or any other urban, suburban or rural area more than 30 miles from Austin or Dallas City Hall. The majority of the area within the 30 mile radius of Dallas and Austin do not qualify for the additional incentive as they are not considered “underutilized.” They do, however, still qualify for the generous incentives under the TMIIIP.)

To qualify as an economically distressed area, median household income must not exceed 75 % of the median state household income. The economically distressed areas exist within the Dallas and Austin 30-mile zones and are marked in purple on the maps below. You can see what areas qualify in Dallas on a map here: http://governor.state.tx.us/film/incentives/austin_zone_map and in Austin here: http://governor.state.tx.us/film/incentives/austin_zone_map.

Learn More about the Underutilized & Economically Distressed Areas Incentive

To learn more about the Underutilized & Economically Distressed Areas Incentive program, or to see if your production will qualify, you can learn more here.  You can also call or email one of our Texas film tax credit specialists at filmcredits@kpm-us.com or 781-849-5357.