Bloodline Seeks New Location As Florida Film Tax Credit Dries Up



As Florida’s tax credit program dries up, producers of Netflix’s “Bloodline” are scrambling to find a new location where the crystalline blue waters of the Keys lend themselves so well to the dark family drama.  Bloodline, which took place and shot in the Florida Keys, received credits for the first two seasons, but the state legislature recently voted not to renew the state film tax credits which had made the state the 3rd most popular place for filming just five years ago.  As almost an essential character of the show, the landscape of the Florida Keys will have to be replicated somewhere else if a third season is to be filmed.  During production, approximately $5.8 in direct expenditures were made to the local economy of the Keys, but the real windfall was the estimated $91 million in total economic impact for the region$65 million of which came from tourism alone.  Nearby Georgia may be able to provide all the production support needed for Season 3, but some intensive location scouting will be necessary to replicate the locations so requisite for the show’s aura.



One possible solution for location shots may just be in Florida as Miami-Dade County, which hosted HBO’s “Ballers” for shooting, is considering implementing some type of film credit to curb the flight from the state.  Additionally, Manatee County, Florida offers cash and in-kind services to productions.  These plans may allow Bloodline to at least partially stay in Florida.  Industry professionals have made the case to state lawmakers that something needs to be done and are continuing to lobby the state with plans to keep film production in the state.  Plans include providing cash rebates and allowing the state to invest in TV production projects.  A TV Series like Bloodline continuously provides business to a region on a recurring basis where a movie, shoots only for a limited time.  Fans and production employees alike hope that some solution can be reached to continue production on the Emmy nominated series that’s made such an impact for Florida.




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