California-based Tv Shows Nominated For 18 Emmy Awards


Last year’s increase to the Film and Television Tax Credit Program in California from $100 million to $330 million annually is seen paying off at this year’s Emmy Awards. Eighteen of the Emmy-nominated shows were filmed in California, including “Veep,” a show that is set in Washington D.C.

“Veep” moved from Maryland to film it’s fifth season in California, along with five other shows moving from different U.S. states, “American Horror Story,” “Scream Queens,” “Mistresses,” “Secrets and Lies,” and “American Crime.”

These six television shows, along with many others are receiving tax credits of up to 25% of the production budget. And with that, Steve Dayan, who’s the chair of the commission and secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 399, says comes 5,000 jobs in the local area. According to Yahoo News, he calls it a, “renaissance period” for the film industry.

A similar story occurred just a few year’s back when New York governor, Andrew Cuomo offered similar incentives to move television series to New York. Sixteen New York-based productions were nominated for Emmy’s following the incentives in put into place in 2013.

According to a press release, Douglas C. Steiner, Chairman of Steiner Studios, said “Governor Cuomo has done more to bring television production to New York than anyone in the history of the industry. His long-term vision and support has created tens of thousands of jobs in the new frontiers of media and has made New York the world’s first choice for quality film and television production.”


It would appear that states with better tax incentives are producing better television programming. New York, Georgia, and California have made it a priority to incentivize productions and the results are award-winning programming and continued economic success.