Film Tax Credits Take Leading Role At 74th Golden Globes



The 74th annual Golden Globe winners were held last night with winners and nominees showcasing the wide range of filming locations in the United States.  Productions like “La La Land,” “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” and “Blackish” led nominations for filming in California.  “Manchester by the Sea” filmed entirely in Massachusetts and the series “Atlanta” showcased Georgia where it was filmed.  Other productions like “Hell or High Water” which filmed in New Mexico and “Moonlight”, filmed in Florida garnered nominations.  Britain also boasted several nominees and winners most notably, “The Crown”, “Florence Foster Jenkins” and “The Night Manager.”  While Florida recently scrapped their incentive program, California tripled their credit recently and states like New Mexico, Georgia and Massachusetts host robust film tax credit programs.

Fruitful showings at award ceremonies highlight the importance of film tax credit programs to these states.  While California hosts the most productions, the recent increase of the available credits to $330 million highlighted the importance of keeping production in California as other states lured production away.  Georgia, now the third most popular location for filming, with a potential 30% credit and Massachusetts with a 25% credit on payroll and expenses, demonstrate the growth of the industry across the country.  States like Pennsylvania and New Mexico are emerging as well with solid displays at the Golden Globes with “Fences” and “Hell or High Water”, each principally filmed in those respective states.


With more and more platforms such as Amazon and Netflix joining traditional studios and television in a “Golden Age”, states with strong programs can expect more economic benefits from quality productions bringing work to their states. Want to learn more about which states are offering the best film tax credits for your next production? Call us at (781) 849-5357 or email at