San Diego Seeks to Stake its Claim in the California Production Landscape

Los Angeles, long known as the world center of filmmaking isn’t the only picturesque, resource-laden area of California for filmmakers.  San Francisco, a very different area of California provides its own discount program and San Diego recently made overtures to encourage filming in their city as well.  Classics such as “Citizen Kane,” “Traffic” and “Some Like it Hot” called San Diego home for filming, but productions like “Anchorman” and “The Fosters” shot largely in Los Angeles despite their San Diego setting.  Filming in the city fell when the San Diego Film Commission was written out of the budget in 2013.  One of the main issues facing the city is production infrastructure as Fox Baja Studios really provides the only large studio space in the area.

San Diego Regional Film Commission Helping to Restore Production Business

With its storied past and comparable filming locations to Los Angeles, industry professionals have created the San Diego Regional Film Commission to help bring back production to the city.  Local filmmaker Jeff Deverett created the commission with the help of private and not public funding as a resource and incentive provider to filmmakers.  The commission provides a privately funded incentive of 25% of qualified spending, along with the California state incentive offering through spending at least $350,000, with a max credit eligible spent of $1.5 million.  Initially, the commission is aiming towards independent productions, but local business leaders and government officials hope that by providing incentives they can start to land larger productions such as the “Top Gun” sequel, for which the city provided filming locations, including the naval base, to the original 1986 classic.  Proponents of the film industry hope the commission can jumpstart the industry and attract many from Los Angeles to spur growth in production infrastructure of the region.