KPM Provides Financial Confidence to Studio to Move Forward with Production

Trusted Financial Consultants for Studios

KPM offers an assortment of services related to nationwide tax credit programs, but can also help in other areas of the entertainment industry.  Our experience throughout various engagements gives us the ability to consult with major studios and independents alike.  One such example of this is the consulting service we rendered related to analysis necessary for a major studio’s contract fulfillment with a third party.  KPM assessed the documentation to provide our analysis of performance metrics of the contract.

Cash Flow Projections

More specifically, the studio needed people with experience in the industry to ensure that the historical and future project cash flows of several film projects accurately measured the estimated market value of the projects’ future cash flows.  The assistance we gave our client provided the necessary deliverable to fulfill an obligation but also gave them confidence moving forward in a high complexity financial transaction.  With KPM’s catalog of products and our knowledge of financial analysis, clients have the assurance of high-quality expertise and service delivery.