KPM Provides Internal Audit Service for Major Studio

KPM’s film group is proud to say we go beyond our nation’s tax credit incentive programs.  Through our range of experience we’re able to offer high quality outsourced internal audit functions to entertainment companies.  Internal audit functions come in a variety of forms and often involve ensuring that employees or subcontractors follow the policies of the company they’re working for.  One of our clients, a major studio and global company, trusted us with performance of this service for a segment of their operations in Mexico.

Our client hired us to conduct an internal audit of a third party production company to ensure compliance with the studio’s anti-bribery policy.  As part of our engagement we conducted various meetings with the third party personnel and assessed their documentation to ensure proper use of the client funds.  Through our inquiries we also identified internal control issues and addressed those with both the third party and the client to strengthen the internal control process.  As a result of our service the client felt comfortable moving forward with its film project with the confidence that KPM provided.