‘Economic Growth’

  • The Film Industry Loses with New Visa Restrictions

      Restrictions in Both the U.S. and the E.U. Increase the Difficulty and Cost for Producers   Part II: How will the new the New E.U. Restrictions Impact Film Making? Note: this is the part II of a series on how current Immigration Policy may affect


  • Brexit May Improve Great Britain’s Film Tax Relief Program (FTR)

      Sovereignty May Allow More Freedom to Create a Better Film Tax Incentive Program   With Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), almost every industry, including the film production business, will take some time get re-settled in a new economy. The EU’s Media Program


  • Game of Thrones Leaves Economic Prosperity in its Wake as it Films Around Europe

    Spanish Town of Osuna sees 75% increase in tourism despite tough economy   HBO’s hugely popular series “Game of Thrones” films in a host European countries, but maybe most importantly in Osuna, Spain, a town ravaged by the country’s high unemployment rate, a result of the