Film Tax Credits Drive Increase in Film Productions in Louisiana

Current Productions in the State of Louisiana

 The State of Louisiana has seen massive growth in the film and TV industry due to its competitive Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit. Prodcutions in Lousiana are eligible for credits up to 30% of qualified spend in state (including payroll), plus and additional 5% for resident labor under $1,000,000. This credit along with recent post-Katrina investment in infrastructure has spurred such several recent productions, including:

Astronaut Wives’ Club is an ABC studios television series featuring Kenneth Mitchell and Odette Annable tells the real story of the women who called the United States’ first Astronauts their husbands.

–Daddy’s Home starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell tells the story of a divorcé husband whose ex-wife marries a new and up-tight man and he subsequently re-enters her life to wreak havoc.

Geostorm featuring Gerard Butler, Katheryn Winnick, and Abbie Cornish follows a man who is heading into space to prevent a storm being created by climate-controlling satellites and in the meanwhile his brother discovers a plan to assassinate the president.

I Saw The Light is a biopic on the life, love, and music of Hank Williams played by Tom Hiddleston following his rise to fame as a country music singer and his sudden death at 29. The film also features Elizabeth Olsen playing Audrey Williams and Maddie Hasson as Billie Jean.

NCIS: New Orleans a CBS classic takes a new branch in New Orleans with stars Lucas Black, Scott Bakula, and Paige Turco whose characters handle cases from the Texas Panhandle to the Mississippi River.

The Louisiana Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit

 The productions above have qualified for the Louisiana Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit, which can provide a credit of up to 30% on productions spending over $300,000.  If this credit interests you make sure to visit the KPM Film Louisiana State page,, for more information. You can also speak to KPM Film tax specialists via email at or give us a call at 781 849 5357.