Dallas Benefits from Film Tax Incentives

City takes in more than 200 Million a year from Film and TV industry

Dallas Film Commissioner Janis Burklund recently put out the word that Dallas’ Film Business is booming, thanks in part to generous film tax incentive program. On average, Dallas makes $200 million from the television and film industry per year.

Recent projects –  such as the made for HULU project, 11/22/63, which was shot in Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas and The show Queen of the South, which began filming in Dallas this October – are economic engines driving several Dallas based business.

“The people who services the business – be it hotels, camera rental companies, restaurants – they’re all getting business out of it,” said Ms. Burklund. “The additional thing that comes is film tourism. People like to visit where they’ve seen film and television.”

“Queens of the South”, a new series based on the hit Spanish language Telemundo series is estimated to have an economic impact on the Dallas metro area of around “$40 million,” according to a recent report by Dallas NBC 5 DFW.

Film Credits Boost to the Ecomomy

Another beneficiary of Dallas’ film making prowess, John Schrimpf of Panavision (who rents cameras and equipment to productions) echoes Burklund’s sentiment regarding the importance of the film industry to the Dallas economy. He says it’s not just direct vendors like himself that benefit, but areas services and retailers as well.

“They spend a lot of money with restaurants. They spend a lot of money with dry cleaning, with seamstresses. They spend money at Home Depot and hardware stores building things,” he said.

While the impact of the current film tax credit program is evident, Burklund said she’s hoping in the future she’ll be able work with the Texas legislature to offer even better packages to productions looking to come to North Texas. She cites the improved tax base and the relatively small impact the movie industry has on the existing infrastructure.

“It’s going into our tax base. It will help fix potholes. You don’t have to put their kids through school when it’s people coming in, so there’s a lot of benefits that come from that,” she said.


KPM’s Take

Dallas is reaping the benefits of the aggressive Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program. In addition to state programs productions companies can benefit from a hotel tax rebate, sales tax exemption, underutilized area incentives and even an incentive for utilizing state owned property.