Film-Maker Terence Winter on the Importance of Making a Human Connection

This is part 6 in a series of 7 on key industry topics trending from the 2016 Film Finance Forum East held in NYC in April 2016


Hearing Terence Winter speak at the Film Finance Forum East was worth the price of admission alone even if he spoke little about the financial aspects of film making. Terence framed his keynote around his own personal story (one worthy of its own biopic!) and spoke about what it takes to draw an audience in. In essence, it’s all about human connection. And for Terence, the shortest distance between two human beings and making that human connection? A story. An example…

For Sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

Where did your mind just go? What heartbreak did you feel? Terence used this exact example to suggest how unimportant even words are to a good story. Silent films can still resonate for a reason – they make a connection. Understanding how to do that is the key to being a good storyteller, and thus, writer.

His other short words of advice that he picked up on his own journey? “Be Entertaining”. Those two words are broad for a reason, but always, always, be entertaining.

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