Type of Incentive Rebate
Benefit Details 20% of qualified spend in state
Project Cap None
Annual Cap $3M for fiscal year ending June 30, 2017
Minimum Local Spend $100,000 for Colorado production companies; $1,000,000 for out-of-state production companies (exception, $250,000 for commercials)
Loan-Out Company Considerations All income taxes must be withheld and paid by either the production company or the individual.
Qualified Labor Resident and Nonresident; Above the Line and Below the Line. Colorado taxes required to be withheld.  Labor qualified up to $1,000,000 of payroll for any one employee. 50% of workforce must be Colorado residents. Contact us for more details.
Sunset Date None
Film Commission Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media
1625 Broadway, Suite 2700
Denver, CO 80202

Donald Zuckerman