Type of Incentive Rebate; non-transferable
Benefit Details 35% of qualified spend in state, plus 2% bonus for Oklahoma music/recording.
Project Cap None
Annual Cap $4,000,000 per fiscal year
Minimum Local Spend $25,000 (project must have minimum budget of $50,000)
Loan-Out Company Considerations The qualifying salary of Above the Line labor may be included as qualified labor if the salaries are paid to loan-out corporations and limited liability companies registered to do business in the state.
Qualified Labor Resident and Nonresident; Above the Line and Below the Line. The qualifying salaries of Above the Line personnel shall not comprise more than 25% of total qualifying expenditures.
Sunset Date June 30, 2024
Film Commission Oklahoma Film and Music Office
120 N. Robinson, Suite 600
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Jill Simpson, Director