Film Tax Credits by State

KPM Film Credit Advisors have compiled this helpful interactive map and list of film tax credits by state to help TV and film producers decide which state has the best film tax credit and incentive programs. To use the film tax credit by state map, simply click on the state you are interested in learning more about and a snapshot of that states film tax credit and incentives program will pop up. To learn more, simple click on the expand button for a more detailed overview of the tax credits and incentives that state offers.

Film Tax Credits

Television and film production companies consider many factors when choosing a shoot location. Competitive state film tax credits and incentive programs can have a significant influence a studio’s decision on where to film a project.

KPM works with State tax offices and film bureaus, placement specialists, attorneys and producers and finance departments of every major film studio to help monetize and optimize state film tax credits and help you get the most out of any state incentive programs.

We know the players, speak the language, and understand the geography. When it comes to Film Tax Credits, No one can help you help get more out of your production budget than KPM.

Film Tax Credit Services

Our in depth knowledge of Film Tax Credits production companies make KPM your ideal partner. We offer several film tax consulting services, including:

  • Consulting with production clients on state incentive programs
  • Working with production companies to maximize credits
  • Performing the necessary agreed upon procedures and audits in a format consistent
    with the requirements of state oversight agencies
  • Loan-out company consulting
  • Entity structurinG
  • Corporate and business planning
  • Tax compliance and advisory services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services

Learn More about Film Tax Credits by State

If you have specific questions about any state film tax credits or incentives or how to choose the best one for your next production, please contact KPM Film Credit Advisors today at 781-849-5357 we can compare other state’s film tax credit or film tax incentive programs and help decide which one is right for your film or TV project.