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  1. IL Film Incentives Make State Attractive to Productions

    Blogs/ Industry News | February 15, 2018

    Chicago provides the backdrop to many popular movies and television shows that both film and take place in the city. With the infrastructure through the state of Illinois, the state’s prodigious production history continues to…

  2. Section 181 Extended for Entertainment and Production Companies

    Blogs/ Industry News | February 12, 2018

    While the major tax overhaul known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act never specifically addressed Section 181, a section of special note to entertainment and production companies, the passage of the two-year Congressional budget…

  3. Missouri’s Lost Film Opportunities

    Blogs/ Industry News | February 1, 2018

    Netflix new series “Ozark” chronicles the dark world of money laundering set in the back drop of the splendid Ozark mountains and its circuitous waterways, but the series didn’t utilize the real Ozarks rise in…

  4. The Film Industry and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    Blogs/ Industry News | January 31, 2018

    By Chad Robinson, CPA, Partner and Jennifer M. Wescott, CPA, MBA, Senior Tax Associate  Those involved in film, television, and live theatrical productions have been mourning the loss of two key Internal Revenue Code Sections with…

  5. New York Introduces Bill to Repeal Film Tax Credits After 2019 Sunset Date

    Blogs/ Industry News | January 22, 2018

    The Empire State boasts the second most production activity the country due in large part to its generous incentive program along with it’s infrastructure and of course New York City.  With New York’s storied history…

  6. Virginia Film Incentives in Jeopardy

    Blogs/ Industry News | January 4, 2018

    According to a recent article by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the future of the current film incentives in Virginia may be in doubt after The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission received the results of staff…

  7. From Script to Screen

    Blogs/ Industry News | January 4, 2018

    It would be a fair argument to say that opportunities for aspiring filmmakers have never been more plentiful.  The platforms provided by self-promotion on the internet and the rise of digital formats such as Netflix…

  8. Entrepreneur turns unlikely idea into profitable small business

    Blogs/ Industry News | December 4, 2017

    Ryan Johnson worked in the TV commercial and infomercial business for years. After the recession and writer’s strike hit he decided he had to change paths. He ended up designing prop glass which ultimately became…

  9. California Update Q3/4 2017

    Blogs/ Industry News | October 27, 2017

    State Incentive Highlights: CA The California Film Tax Credit 2.0 Program is in full swing with an effective date on July 1, 2015 increasing the program cap from $100M to $300M. Proving this was a…

  10. San Diego Seeks to Stake its Claim in the California Production Landscape

    Blogs/ Industry News | October 24, 2017

    Los Angeles, long known as the world center of filmmaking isn’t the only picturesque, resource-laden area of California for filmmakers.  San Francisco, a very different area of California provides its own discount program and San…