New Louisiana Film Boss to Lobby for Film Tax Incentive Program

Robert Vosbein Lobbies Governor Jindal for Higher Cap

 Earlier in October, the state of Louisiana named Robert Vosbein the new president of its Film and Entertainment Association. Mr. Vosbein is a strong proponent of the film industry in Louisiana and one of his first priorities will be to try to lure back some of the productions that the state has been losing to its neighbors, particularly, Georgia, over the past few years.

Since the inception of the state’s Film Incentive program, studios have taken advantage of the tax credit and chosen Louisiana as a shooting site for recent movies like “Fantastic Four,” “Jurassic World” and “The Magnificent Seven.” With a variety of choice natural settings, rich historical and architectural backdrops, many had hoped that the state could continue to compete with California and outpace neighboring Georgia for productions.


Removing the Film Tax Credit Cap

 According to sources familiar with his ideas, Vosbein wants Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to remove the cap on the state’s film and television production incentive putting it on par with Georgia, whose uncapped incentive program has been delivering major projects to the Peach State.

In June, Jindal reduced the amount of credits Louisiana will redeem annually to $180 million (well below the $240 million it awarded last year.) Jindal also signed legislation enacting a $30 million cap on credits for any individual project.

In a recent article, Vosbein positions the issue as a job-saver. “People that have come here from all parts of the country to work in our industry are now seeing that we don’t have the jobs, we don’t have the production, so they’re switching over to Georgia.”

“We need to show these guys how critical this industry is to the state and they can’t continue to look at this as an expense item in the budget.”


KPM Film’s Take:

A 2014 survey placed Louisiana the number one state for productions – California was number 2 and Georgia number 3.  If Mr. Vosbein and Governor Jindal are not able to restore the incentive to its originally intended cap on tax credits, Georgia will likely surpass both and move into the Number 1 spot within the next 2 to 3 years.