Mixed reaction from Watertown Locals on “Patriot’s Day”


Producers of Boston Marathon Bombing Movie to Film Shoot-out Scene Elsewhere

The upcoming Mark Wahlberg movie, “Patriots Day”, focuses on the deadly April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. As production began last week in and around the Boston area, the producers have caused a bit of a stir among locals when they chose to not film the police shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers in the neighborhood where it happened.

Local officials have backed the decision of the CBS production team. “CBS Films will proceed with identifying another location to film the shootout outside the town of Watertown,” Town Manager Michael Driscoll. “Filming the recreation of the Watertown shootout when police encountered the Boston Marathon bombers at the intersection of Dexter Avenue and Laurel Street is not in the best interest of Watertown,” said in a statement released to the press.

In many cases, residents are against the traffic and intrusion that a big budget movie crew can create. However, in a unique case of reverse NIMBY (“not in my back yard”), many locals welcome the opportunity to celebrate the men they see as valiant heroes, worthy of recognition

Residents Speak Out

A WCVB report quoted resident Teri Destafano is quoted as saying, “I think they should let them do it here. They’re making it all about trauma, but the Police Department did a wonderful thing here. It brought the neighborhood together and stopped evil from going further.”

Another resident, Jean MacDonald also supports an authentic portrayal, “I’m for it. It happened on this street, I feel like they should do it here.”

68-year-old Loretta Kenayias sees is as a therapeutic experience: “If you asked me last year about it, I’d be like, ‘no way,’” but now She’s hoping that an accurate film portrayal of the night’s events might finally help her to put certain fears to bed.

Laurel Street resident Rob Mullen, expressed more concern that the movie glorify the Tsarnaev borthers by casting a big name actor. “You really hope it is not somebody who is a big name and will draw too much attention the characters.”

Former Watertown police Chief Ed Deveau understands both sides of the argument and “I even spoke to some of the key people in the movie (Friday),” Deveau said. “And they said they were still going to do it right. So we’re going to move on and I still think it will be something that everybody will be proud of.”

Umass Dartmouth Also Approached

The studio has also approached UMass Dartmouth, where convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended university. Officials for the school have yet to respond and are going to survey students and other stakeholders before giving a green light.

[UPDATE 3/7]

Umass Dartmouth has denied request to film on campus. “We have concluded that the production activities would be too disruptive to our campus community,” said acting chancellor Gerry Kavanaugh.